Arkansas Rice and Bean Field hunting

Those of you who have traveled the Duck and Geese flyway during the late fall and winter months from North Dakota to Texas have seen the sight.   Literally, tens of thousands of Ducks and Geese flying, landing and feeding in the grain fields that our American farmers plant each year.   We are in the center of it.   We have the best locations in the whole state of Arkansas.


One of the most amazing adventures one can take is a guided Arkansas Duck or Goose hunt with Green Head Gunners in central Arkansas.   This small town located directly between Memphis and Little Rock on I-40 is the back bone of all Arkansas Duck and Goose hunting.   The rich farm lands that surround Stuttgart offer some of the best Duck an Goose hunting in the whole country and is one of the best kept secrets in the Duck Guide Industry.  Our farms are located just 30 miles northwest of the famous Duck hunting town of Stuttgart, Arkansas.   We get the birds before they get down to Stuttgart and get shot up and pressured.   Constant hunting pressure in more popular "marketed" areas does not always mean better hunting.  Actually, you get a better hunt with us because of where our fields are located on the flyways. We have two flyways that run thru the farm the mississippi and central flyway.  Whether you are hunting our flooded fields, dry fields, or flooded timber we know where to hunt them.



We rotate our crops and have the abiltiy to flood our fields on demand.   When our Bean, Rice, and millett fields have been harvested in the fall of each year, we flood the fields to ensure we attract the Ducks and Geese to them.   The fields we hunt are awesome and our hunting blinds are strategically placed to ensure maximum productivity and great hunting adventures.

Hunting Geese In Flooded Rice Field In Arkansas Rice and beans are harvested during the last part of the summer and we leave food and stubble standing all fall and winter long in an effort to provide a wonderful habitat for the Ducks and Geese to find and call home when they start the annual migration to Arkansas.   The best thing about having two harvest seasons is we have the grain on the ground year round, that attracts the best Ducks and Geese to it.

Field hunting can be one of the most rewarding outdoor activites.   Ducks and Geese by the thousands flying over, landing and feeding there where you can shoot them. In the fields there is no telling what you might shoot. You will have a chance at Mallards (Greenheads), Pintails, Wigeon, Green wing teal, Gadwalls, Shovelers and occasional divers. We also shoot Snow Geese, White Fronted Geese, Blue Geese, Ross Geese, and Canada Geese.

If you would like to book an Arkansas Duck or Goose hunting trip with us, please contact us on our reservations page or call Lem Allen direct at 251.978.4473 or Stuart Wolcott at 931.623.1121.  If we out hunting, please leave a message and we will gladly return your call.