Stuttgart, Arkansas Duck Hunting



Everyone who has grown up Duck hunting knows that it is the most addictive and enjoyable sports known to man.   The experience of being in a blind is one of the most rewarding experienced known to sportsmen.   Whether you decide to smoke a big cigar or cook up a mess of breakfast, your heart will be beating so loud when you hear the first volley of ducks on the horizon coming in to land.

I am not talking about just sitting there being bored for hours on end, I am talking about the entire experience of being in a duck blind with friends, a guide, a dog and having some old fashioned bonding going on.   That is what makes duck hunting amazing.   You can unwind and relax with us while duck hunting.

Green Head Gunners specializes in removing the stress of hunting.  You get enough of that at work.   Our guided duck hunts are about bonding, building relationships and most of all, shooting ducks.

Mallards or Greenheads are the most popular species of ducks that everyone wants to shoot.   I would agree.   The neat thing about hunting Mallards is they can be shot in both flooded timber or in the flooded rice fields.

In addition to Mallards, we hunt for Pintails, Green Wing Teal, Wood Ducks, Gadwalls, Wigeon , Shovelers, Black Ducks, Ringnecks, Blue Bills, Red Heads, Golden Eyes and Canvasbacks.

When you come on a Green Head Gunners guided duck hunt, we will tell you what is going on.   We do not promise something that we can't deliver.   We offer our guests options.   If the Mallard hunts are not very productive, we will tell you that so we can go after other species.  

When you are ready to book your Duck Hunt in Arkansas, please let us know by filling out the duck hunting reservations request or calling Lem Allen at 251.978.4473 and Stuart Wolcott at 931.623.1121